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Weapon X Motorsports

WEAPON-X Motorsports is your single source for performance, handling, wheels, hood, aero mods & upgrades for your Cadillac CTS-V, ATS-V, Corvette, and Camaro

Brand: Weapon X Motorsports Product Code: WPX3
Unless you're new to the racing game, you already know that the WEAPON-X heat exchangers are the most highly regarded for their cooling and also requested by tuners from shops all over the world. So, of course we'd be on the forefront of the new LT4 powered market!  Any..
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Brand: Weapon X Motorsports Product Code: Z4217BV2W8
The WEAPON-X Griptec pulleys are the new latest and greatest in pulley technology for your Camaro, Corvette, or CTS V!  The WEAPON-X versions are spec'ed out based on the 1.7L supercharger's capabilities in our proprietary sizes Pick your poison, but if you need help, call our supercharger..
Ex Tax:£220.00
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