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T1 Race Development Automotive for Nissan GTR

Brand: T1 Race Development Product Code: GT1R-FB
Leading the path to big horsepower from the VR38, we’ve found many parts aren’t up to the task of reliably delivering performance beyond Nissan’s original spec.  We’ve seen multiple cases now of fretting of the flywheel to the crank, typically just found on a disassembly, but sometimes ..
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Brand: T1 Race Development Product Code: T1-C212-DC
The GT1R Motec C1212 dash kit transforms look and feel of the R35 GTR.  The heart of the kit is the Motec C1212 display.   This screen measures an incredible 12” diagonally, fully filling the opening of the stock instrument cluster.   The ultra-bright screen is vibrant..
Ex Tax:£5,582.00
Brand: T1 Race Development Product Code: T1R-BGR
Titan Motorsports R35 GTR Billet Main Girdle  “In starting with a clean slate for our VR38 engine program and developing our Titan Motorsports Billet VR38 block we came to the realization that many street cars would benefit from an upgraded lower billet main girdle. During our FEA analys..
Ex Tax:£2,653.00
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