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Mazda 2 2014+

Brand: AEM Induction Product Code: 21-810C
The AEM-21-810C Performance Cold Air Intake System produces horsepower and torque gains by replacing your vehicle’s restrictive factory air filter and air intake housing. It is designed, tuned and dyno-tested to fit specific Toyota Yaris models with 1.5L 4-cylinder engine. Being a true col..
Ex Tax:£245.00
Brand: Cusco Product Code: 446 311 B16
Cusco 2014+ Mazda 2 DJ5FS/DJ3FS 16mm Rear Sway Bar..
Ex Tax:£267.20
Brand: Cusco Product Code: 446 311 A23
Cusco 2014+ Mazda 2 DJ5FS/DJ3FS 23mm Front Sway Bar..
Ex Tax:£267.20
Brand: HKS Product Code: 15009-AK004
Setting the injection-valve opening pressure to 1.1kgf/cm2, and using silicone rubber as a packing part can improve sealing properties. This radiator cap can support the reliable cooling performance under severe driving conditions...
Ex Tax:£19.49
Brand: RS-R Product Code: rsrM621W
RS-R 16+ Mazda Mazda 2 Down Sus Springs..
Ex Tax:£175.20
Brand: Autoexe Product Code: MDJ50A10
Deceleration of at will”, it is our goal. Not just for the performance in stopping, the design focuses on the stable effectiveness at the time of continuous braking, meticulous load shifting while cornering, giving very flexible control of the vehicle speed. On the assumption of driving on t..
Ex Tax:£0.00
Brand: AVS Product Code: 194508
AVS In-channel Ventvisors® offer a sleek profile that helps keep rain out and lets fresh air in to reduce interior heat build up. It's easy no-drill application makes installation and provides a custom fit for your vehicle...
Ex Tax:£105.02
Product Code: VFXEH22
Denso Iridium Tough Spark Plug VFXEH22. Manufacturer Part Number 5646. Denso Iridium Tough Spark Plugs use the same 0.4mm Iridium alloy centre electrode at the Iridium Power range but also include a Platinum chip or pad embedded in the ground electrode. This extends service life considerably..
Ex Tax:£8.99
Brand: EBC BRAKES Product Code: DPX2275
OEM quality replacement brake pads, the Ultimax series offers reliable and repeatable braking performance.....
Ex Tax:£26.54
Brand: H&R Suspension Product Code: 28775-1
Only from H&R, Super Sport Springs have all the features of Sport Springs, plus additional lowering—great for the seasoned enthusiast looking for a little more. These high tech progressive springs retain superior ride comfort. The handling of your vehicle will be improved with a lower ce..
Ex Tax:£145.00
Brand: JM IMPORTS Product Code: JMST1-DJ15
Welcome to Jm Imports , home of  The North East  leading Automotive Software Engineering Centre. We specialise in performance and economy software and hardware upgrades for cars and commercial vehicles all custom tuned and dynod in house Mazda 2 both Petrol & Diesel..
Ex Tax:£299.00
Brand: K&N Engineering Product Code: 33-5038
K&N® washable, reusable High-Flow Air Filters™ feature a state-of-the-art design of layered, oiled cotton media engineered to improve airflow and capture contaminants, and are designed to provide an increase in horsepower. Each performance air filter is reusable, engineered to last for t..
Ex Tax:£41.99
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