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Linney Tuning

Linney Tuning based in Hertfordshire, England specializes in the research and development of innovative performance tuning components and custom calibration solutions. 

Brand: Linney Tuning Product Code: 1715
GTR-R35 4WD Clutch wide 10 plate kit is a stronger upgrade to the stock unit. Comprising of a CNC machined aerospace aluminium billet main case which houses 10 frictions for added durability and power handling, the 4WD clutch kit makes superb upgrade for your GTR. Specification CNC machine..
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Brand: Linney Tuning Product Code: 2029
Linney Billet 73mm Throttle Bodies Nissan R35 GTR Linney 73 mm throttle bodies for the R35 Nissan GT-R are a replacement for the factory units. The OEM 60mm throttle bodies act as a bottleneck Linney 73mm throttle bodies are larger flow into the intake. Made to fit using the OE ..
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Brand: Linney Tuning Product Code: 1997
The most economical way to increase power off the GTR R35 is to replace the restrictive catalytic converters to the Turbo Outlet pipes. End tanks produced from Billet aerospace titanium. These pipes weigh approx only 3 kg, stock being 11 kg. Plus the benefit of increased power!Th..
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Brand: Linney Tuning Product Code: 1661
Our billet baskets are CNC machined, heat treated for added strength and durability. These can be added to your standard clutch as an upgrade and have proven to handle huge power and torque. They are designed as a direct replacement for your stock baskets and can be fitted directly Key Feature..
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