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HKS GT S/C SYSTEM Pro GT86-BRZ (Up To 2016)

HKS GT S/C SYSTEM Pro GT86-BRZ (Up To 2016)


HKS GT S/C SYSTEM Pro GT86-BRZ (Up To 2016)

A HKS GT Supercharger Kit is the easiest way to add a lot of power to your normally aspirated engine.

While reasonable results can be achieved with conventional tuning methods on a normally aspirated engine you will quickly run into diminishing returns.

Normally the easiest route to significantly increased power on these engines is to go forced induction.

This means converting your normally aspirated engine to either turbocharging or supercharging.

Supercharging has a number of advantages. Because the supercharger is driven by the engine, you don't need to modify the cars exhaust system to mount the supercharger.

Supercharging also generally requires less in the way of modification to the engine itself because less boost is typically being produced.

HKS use centrifugal superchargers in their kits. This type of supercharger boosts more as it spins faster, giving you excellent top-end and retaining the feel of a normally aspirated engine.

A centrifugal supercharger is compact which makes for an easy install and allows the supercharger unit itself to be mounted away from the hot engine.

The kit includes the supercharger and all necessary mounting hardware except for a piggy-back ECU.

Description HKS GT S/C SYSTEM Pro FR-S (Up To 2016)

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