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CSF Radiators produce the worlds finest all-alluminium engine water radiators, engine oil coolers, power steering coolers, gearbox oil coolers and intercoolers cores

CSF Racing is unrivalled in engineering high-quality parts to meet the intense cooling demands of the racing industry. See how CSF can keep you cool today

Brand: CSF COOLING Product Code: 30760
CSF Race Radiator for 02-07 Subaru Impreza w/ built-in oil cooler (WRX/STI - w/ filler neck) - supplied with Greddy Thermostatic sandwich plate and 2 -10 forged right angle fittings CSF manufactures the most advanced and efficient radiator cores in the industry by using innovative tube an..
Ex Tax:£520.00
Brand: CSF COOLING Product Code: 8082
CSF Race F8X m3/m4 - Top Mount Charge-Air-Cooler in crinkle black finish World’s 1st cast endtank designed top mount charge-air-cooler for the BMW S55 engine in the BMW F8x m3/m4 (F80 m3, F82/F83 m4) Multiple air dividers cast into both the hot/cold side endtanks for optimized air flow through ..
Ex Tax:£1,700.00
Brand: CSF COOLING Product Code: 8154
Drop Charge Temps Consistently with the CSF Heat Exchanger Upgrade for 2017+ A90 Toyota Supra, BMW G29 Z4 20i/30i/M40i & BMW G20/G21 320i/330i/M340i Are you increasing the boost on your 2070+ A90 Supra, Z4 or 3 series via Stage 1, 2 or even a big turbo Stage 3 upgrade? You'll w..
Ex Tax:£624.00
Brand: CSF COOLING Product Code: 8112
CSF Race is proud to present their latest cooling innovation, the 991 Turbo and Turbo S intercooler set. Overview: 4.5" Thick Bar & Plate CoreWind Tunnel Optimised Core Aerospace Grade Thermal Dispersion CoatingUtilises OEM mounting points and OEM clip settingsIndependent testing ..
Ex Tax:£2,599.00
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