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Cobb -6AN Fitting Wrench

Cobb -6AN Fitting Wrench
Cobb -6AN Fitting Wrench
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Installing parts is always easier when you have the right tools. This heat-treated aluminum -6 AN hose end wrench will make installing your COBB Fuel Rails and Lines a breeze and prevent marring. The anodized aluminum wrench is great in tight quarters within the engine bay and its short handle helps to prevent over-tightening.


Make your fuel line install a breeze with the COBB -6 AN Fitting Wrench. Perfectly sized to tighten -6 AN fuel fittings without leaving behind any marring.

COBB -6 AN Fitting Wrench
  • Compatible with -6 AN Hose Ends
  • Heat-Treated Aluminum
  • Black Anodized

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