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Mahle Clevite, Bearings, Gaskets, Gasket Kits, Pistons and Piston Rings For Ford Powerstroke, Duramax and Dodge Cummins Diesel Pickups.
Brand: Clevite Product Code: cleMS1416A30
Clevite .080 OS HOUSING / .080 OS LENGTH FLANGE VW AIR COOLED Main Bearing Set..
Ex Tax:£45.33
Brand: Clevite Product Code: cleCB1990P
Clevite 01-14 Chevy/GMC 6.6L Turbo Diesel Con Rod Bearing Set..
Ex Tax:£14.70
Brand: Clevite Product Code: cleMS1051P20
Clevite 040 OS HOUSING / .040 OS LENGTH FLANGE VW Air Cooled Main Bearing Set..
Ex Tax:£92.90
Brand: Clevite Product Code: CB1925H026MM
Clevite H-Series rod bearings were developed primarily for use in NASCARtype racing but are suitable for all types of competition engines.These H-Series bearings have a medium level of eccentricity, high crushfactor, and have hardened steel backs and thin overlays. They also have..
Ex Tax:£13.18
Brand: Clevite Product Code: cleMS2326A25MM
Clevite 1.0L Matiz Main Bearing Set..