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For your higher HP applications, ASNU are able to supply a 1300cc, 1400cc or 1500cc injector that is fully compatible with all race fuels and supplied in various

ASNU have over 25 years of experience with injectors from all the various injector manufacturers from around the world. ASNU are represented in over 38 different countries, with thousands of injectors being tested and serviced in Aftermarket and Motorsport worldwide; a programme and experience unrivalled by anyone else in the world. This gives ASNU the greatest experience and understanding to develop a range of injectors that will do exactly what they are designed for ? Correct Performance. ASNU Performance Injectors are a purpose designed and built injector with the ideal spray pattern to match the flow required. They are designed to meet the varied demands of the Racing & Performance markets.

Asnu Performance Injector Set for the Nissan R35 GTR, these are the ultimate injectors on the market today, offering high performance with an easy installation. These are a plug and play installation fitting with the standard top feed fuel rail.. The injectors also come with wiring adaptors ..
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Brand: ASNU FUEL INJECTION Product Code: 1943
ASNU 12 injector converter kit for Nissan R35 This allows an additional 6 ASNU injectors to be fitted to the standard inlet manifold. Kit comes supplied as a 3rd rail & base plate, 1050cc injectors, injector driver, GTR specific loom for secondary injectors & machining instructions for ..
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Brand: ASNU FUEL INJECTION Product Code: 1747
Introducing ASNU’s SEMA award winning ITB system for the R35 GTR Aids throttle response as the plenum no longer has to be pressurised after opening the throttleIncreased runner and plenum volumes allowing for bigger HP and torqueBuilt to allow the more extreme cam profiles to be used in a road situ..
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Brand: ASNU FUEL INJECTION Product Code: FP330E
FP330E E85 Fuel Pumps – The ASNU FP330E fuel pump is a high output, in-tank, electric fuel pump that fits most popular EFI applications and has the added bonus of being Race Fuel Compliant.. The FP330 is a compact, lightweight pump and does not require any modications to the system..
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Brand: ASNU FUEL INJECTION Product Code: 2160
ASNU R35 FP 660 kit Due to the age of vehicles in the field we are now seeing blocked or heavily restricted filter in the stock cradle and the amount of time spent using E85 or other fuels with a high Bio component. This results in “drop in” pumps not giving the expected flows or even failing..
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