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About Us

Established in mid 2002 based in the North East of England; 10 miles from Newcastle City Centre. I myself was looking for a particular car with the right modifications on it and also for the right price, unfortunately nobody local did this and if they had any in stock their condition was not as described or matched my expectations.

So Jm-Imports began , I booked a trip to Japan and met my contact, within days I had purchased my first car at an auction with my agent showing me the way, he buys and picks the best quality Japanese cars at the best prices with quality always  in mind.

We vary rarely travel to Japan now, I just send an email or call my contacts regarding particular cars in Japan from either the auctions, dealerships or private sellers, I then trust him to inspect the cars and provide me with an honest description of the car which then I will bring to UK and the JM team will then service,repair and prepare to the highest standard possible so customers can get cars with no hidden faults or extra prices.

We currently try to keep around 10 cars in stock at all times at our premises, this is excluding the cars we import for private customers for the UK or overseast hat have been ordered specifically for them.

JM-Imports stock cars are hand picked by myself and I try to have almost every niche of cult sports car, from a superbly maintained stock example all the way to a highly modified 1000bhp cars.

From  September 2012 we will be in our new premises which will  have a bigger workshop and storage facility to cater  for tuning, servicing and preparing all of our stock and our customers imports.

One of the reasons my business has remained strong in this bad economy is that we sell cars I would be happy to own and drive myself, please feel free to make appointment and visit us, you will not be disappointed with the quality of stock we import or the services we offer.

Meet the JM Staff –

  • Jurgen Vallons          Director
  • Linzi Mckenzie          Company Secretary
  • Aarin Neder               General Manager / Sales
  • Jean F Vallons           Senior Workshop Technician
  • Robert Mcintyre        Senior Workshop Technician
  • Romain Levesque           Mapping / Dyno Calibration


Company No. 5776194

Vat No. GB915840127