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AAM Competition, LLC (Advanced Automotive Manufacturing & Competition) is the premier Nissan / Infiniti Full Service, CNC Manufacturing, Fabrication, Tuning and Maintenance Facility on the East Coast. With our facility and staff, we’re able to deliver race innovation to production platforms. Engineering and producing parts is one thing, delivering them to the community is another – AAM Competition is dedicated to providing the best customer service and professionalism in the industry. Our pride in our facility, state-of-the-art equipment, experienced technicians and engineers, meticulous attention to detail, knowledgeable sales staff, and customer satisfaction all contribute to what has become the premier performance shop for all things Nissan.

Our Nissan specialty grew from our early days dealing with VG30s and RB26s. With the advent of the VQ35 to the Nissan sports-car platform, and with the release of the GT-R, our specialty has come full circle: RB26 to the venerable VR38, and everything in between. We are one of few companies who have countless hours of hands-on experience spanning the complete line of Nissan performance engines.

The GT-R possesses one of the most technologically advanced engine/transmission systems ever created. We are excited at both the challenge and prospect of building hi-tech high horsepower GT-Rs. Our AAM shop GT-R is the subject of our in-depth and continuous R&D process. We are committed to continually developing components that improve the overall performance of the platform without sacrificing the integrity that makes the GT-R one of the world’s premier sportscars.

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